One of our special features is in providing IPO funding at attractive interest rates for our HNI clients. HNI’s can avail of these services when they want to apply in a larger corpus in IPO’s.

For our investors who are having their trading accounts with us, we also offer the facility of investing in IPO’s in a paperless manner on their behalf.

We also have a strong team to assist in applications made via the ASBA route for IPOs. Investing through the ASBA route has certain inherent benefits for investors like:

There is no loss of interest since application amount is not debited to savings account on application.

The amount for which no shares are pledged are available immediately on completion of allotment process, thus one does not need to wait for the amount to be refunded by the company and be credited to the account.

Multiple bidding facilities are available to the customer.

• We have a strong in-house research team that does good screening of each and every IPO before recommending it to our client. We are on your side and screening for your investment safety is of paramount importance to us.
• Our well researched team provides recommendations on which IPO’s to invest in only after through in-depth screening of IPO fundamentals and probable growth in future.
• We also have special features that encourage investing for individual investors, HNI’s and also corporate entities.
• Facility to provide IPO funding for RETAIL INVESTORS / HNI.
• Facility to invest in IPO’s in a paperless and hassle free manner.