Margin funding allows the investors to take leverage positions in the stock market, client has to pay margin of 35 % to 70% depending upon the scrip and rest is funded by us. To put it simply, for example in case of scrip prescribed for 35% margin, if client pays cash margin of Rs.35,000/-, he can buy shares of Rs.100000/- and funding by us would be of Rs.65000/-.
Margin can be provided in cash as well as approved securities.
Scrips: Funding only against approved securities as per the list approved by the management from time to time.
• Corporate Action benefits like bonus, dividend etc continue to accrue to the borrower.
• Any appreciation in the value of the Securities given as margin would automatically allow enhancement in drawing power.
• Interest will be calculated on the amount utilized & the actual period for which it is utilized.
• Clients can view their financial statement and holdings online.