RN Finance Ltd. is registered as a non banking financial company (NBFC) offers loan against securities of shares (LAS).

Our offerings

→ Available to all major Indian citizens
→ Additional buying power to create wealth and grab market opportunity.
→ Loans against shares are extended against basket of securities traded on BSE/ NSE.
→ Vast approved list.
→ Client can enjoy all the corporate benefits like dividend, bonus etc. accrued on his securities.
→ Margin calls are made if the value of margin falls by 10% which can be met either by redemption of the securities or placing additional securities.
→ Tailor-made scheme to cater to the needs of all segments of investors.
→ Free trade environment.
→ Interest application on daily balances to minimize the cost of fund.
→ Easy processing and simple documentation.
→ Securities are to be transferred to RNFL DEMAT A/C.
→ Loan against Securities from the company can go up to 65% of securities amount depending on the type of securities.


→ Applicant should have POA – demat and trading account with INDO JATALIA SECURITIES PVT. Ltd
→ Client should complete the Loan application along with necessary documents.

Loan settlement and release of shares

→ Loan can be settled by payment to RN Finance Ltd (RNFL).
→ In case of closure, client has to clear all the dues.
→ Shares may be released if matching securities are furnished. Surplus value of shares may be released in part/full (as per borrower’s request). Alternatively surplus value of share may be used for additional funding.